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Healthy Relationships – 6 Keys To The Best Relationship With Your Partner

2There’s one big element behind having healthy relationships, it’s called communication. Relationships take a lot of work, much of this behind the scenes, with you and your partner one on one. We all should strive for healthy relationships in our life and communication is the key to making it work. Let’s take a look at what you can do to communicate better with your partner.

  • Make an effort to communicate – Many relationships fall apart solely because of bad communication among partners. Rather than fighting or giving the silent treatment, make the effort to talk to one another. In fact, one healthy exercise to have with your partner is open mic night. Every night, take 20 minutes to talk about your day, talk about your relationship or other things that may be bothering you. If your partner really loves you, they will listen and communicate their problems back also. Trust me, it helps.
  • Keep your cool – There’s an old say that says it takes 11 great things to erase saying one bad thing to your partner. Words cut like a knife and we all say things we shouldn’t in the heat of the moment. It’s important for all of us to keep our cool and let the situation die. Remember this the next time you argue with your partner, say nothing back and walk away.
  • Speak your peace – I hear about so many unhealthy relationships falling apart because two people don’t get along. When I dig into the reasoning, I often find that neither partner took the time to explain what was bothering them. No matter how long you’ve been with someone, they can’t read your mind. Perhaps to an extent but if you’re not open to how you feel, how do you expect your partner to understand?
  • Respect one another – If you honestly care about someone, you should want to respect them. But respect isn’t a one-way street, it has to work both ways. Your partner’s wants and needs have value, it’s important to them and should be important to you. If you make a genuine effort to respect that, your relationship is going to benefit. This is an important part of healthy relationships and growing together.
  • Always support your partner – Support is another key element in a great relationship. When you love someone, support becomes second nature. But in a trying relationship, supporting one another can be tough. Again, we go back to opening the lines of communication. Don’t make your partner guess when you need support, communicate with them and let them know exactly how you feel.
  • Trust and honesty – The key foundation to any relationship is trust and honesty. These two are the building blocks of all successful relationships. Be honest about how you feel, be truthful to your partner and open. Truth goes a long way in any relationship and it’s a quality that can’t be matched.

 Healthy Relationships Need All These Qualities

Relationships are never easy, most don’t comprehend the amount of effort that goes into making a relationship successful. But it’s no secret that couples and partner that communicate often last through the years. One of the main reasons why men and women choose our matchmaking services is because their last relationships didn’t have all of the 6 factors above. But once we are educated about the importance of communication, trust, respect in the relationship, it opens our eyes to see how we actually behave in our relationships.

Los Angeles Dating Events

One of the great things about dating in Los Angeles is the wide variety of people you can meet here. It makes dating fun, plentiful and certainly an unique experience. If you’ve been searching to find dating events in Los Angeles, I’m sure you’ve come across a wide range of hosted dating events in and around the city. But with so many choices, it can be tough to find the right dating events.

Online dating in Los Angeles is big, I won’t deny it. Speed dating in L.A. is big also. But there’s a lot of unknown elements you get from online dating and speed dating. Think about online dating for a moment, it’s convenient, sometimes free and it’s comfortable meeting new people. There’s also a wide range of online dating sites that have a great reputation. While we can clearly see the positives, there’s also many negative factors when it comes to online dating.

For one, you get the “unknown factor” and it’s itemidating. Who’s the real person behind the screen? It could be the person you think it is, but how do you know for sure? Dating in Los Angeles is great because there’s plenty of singles for men and women. There’s a wide variety of different races, singles with different backgrounds. This is why meeting local singles face-to-face is preferred over online dating. No matter how hard you try, you can’t match the physical attraction and chemistry two singles can have meeting face-to-face.

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