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Blind Date By Scenergy Dating

Blind Date

Introducing Blind Date

#BlindDate is the newest dating option from Scenergy Dating, giving you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and add a little mystique to your dating life.

It’s an alternative to your dating life. Instead of spending hours responding back to online dating and app messages, you can simply reserve your spot to share a table with someone similar in age and aspirations. Some of the Scenergy Blind Dates will include interests that either complement or are directly compatible with your own.

There’s nothing more powerful than one-on-one conversation, front and center to another.

Blind Date Guidelines

1.  This is a date and not an event, there will only be one ticket reserved for a male and one for female.

2.  Both parties will receive the address of the establishment once both tickets have been sold.
Since these are private dates that do not require any Scenergy staff to be present, there are currently no refunds once both tickets have been bought. If the date is not set (both a male and female purchase tickets) by the day of the date, a refund will be processed for the one person that purchased a ticket.

3.  Those that are at least 20 minutes to a date or do not arrive can be subject to being banned from future Scenergy Blind Dates.

4.  Any emergencies that resulted in not being able to attend a Scenergy Blind Date must be verified and validated by Scenergy Dating staff via contacting us at

5.  The subjectivity of a date cannot be predicted and is dependent on the attraction and connection of both parties. Scenergy Dating LLC serves as a connector and is not responsible for the safety and actions of both parties after meeting in a public location. It is highly recommended that the Scenergy Blind Date remain public in nature through its duration until further trust, communication, and rapport has been established.

6.  We encourage attendees to not publicly announce they will be coming to this event. This is done to protect privacy and build anticipation, failure to do so may result in removal from meetup groups, newsletters, etc.

Blind Date Scheduled

We’re slowly rolling out Blind Date and adding them to every city we operate in. Eventually, all Scenergy Dating cities will have Blind Dates scheduled.

So far, this new service has been received very well. Due to this, we will be continuing to offer it to singles. It’s fun, something new and gets you outside of your comfort zone. In dating, you need to add new things to spice it up, Blind Date is the perfect option for that.