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Boston Events For Singles 2016

Boston Singles Events

Boston Events For Singles 2016

Boston Singles Events Mark Success For Scenergy Dating

2015 was a big year for Scenergy Dating. Earlier in the year, we weren’t anywhere on the East Coast. Most of the cities we hosted singles events in was out West. That all changed last year as Scenergy Dating came to Boston. We are now official, hosting singles events in Boston thanks to our CEO Chris Feliciano. Boston quickly became one of the hottest dating event tickets on the market.

Boston Dating Events Never Disappoint

The first 6 events in Boston sold out completely, it showed we made the right move. Even the two events that didn’t sell out was big crowds. It marked the first time the company had successfully opened in a new city on the East coast. And thanks to Boston, we’re hoping to expand more out east, operate in more cities and reach a large audience.

Same Quality With Boston Charm

One of the greatest things that I loved about Boston is the hospitality. Boston has always been amazing. Our Boston dating group has already grew to over 1,000 members. You can find our Boston singles group at Meetup under the alias Boston Sophisticated Singles.

Local Quality Boston Singles

From the first event Scenergy Dating threw, support from local Boston men and women was great. In dating, you have to be open. And over the course of 2015, event after event brought more Boston singles out. And that’s what we want. We host singles events to give you the opportunity to meet local singles. Not just in Boston, but everywhere.

Boston Matchmaking

For those of you that have not seen success at one of our Boston singles events, Scenergy Dating also provides matchmaking services in Boston.  Learn more about our matchmaking. You can contact us by calling 1-877-41-CUPID or emailing

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Are Dating Events Right For Me?

Dating Events Scenergy Dating

At Scenergy Dating, we host monthly dating events all across the country. From Boston to Los Angeles and Portland to San Antonio, we host events to give singles the opportunity to be involved with the local dating scene. While we get a wide range of questions about dating in general or our matchmaking services, many questions relate directly to our singles events.

So you want to know, is dating events right for me?

It honestly depends on your situation. Dating events are great for professionals due to the amount of time you spend at work. It can be difficult to find someone you’re interested in when you work a lot. While we host dating events during the work week, we also have weekend events and these are the types of events you’d likely consider attending due to your work schedule.

Since most single professionals work during the day, we usually host singles events in the evening, often starting between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Our Dating Events Are A Perfect Fit If You Are

  • Serious about dating
  • Open to meeting new people
  • Willing to give dating a chance
  • Willing to arrange your schedule for dating
  • Single but willing to date

Have You Had A Bad Dating Experience?

A large percentage of our singles have had bad dating experiences. It’s not uncommon to get single men and women that have been hurt. For this reason, a lot of singles guard their heart closely. We have a wide mix of singles in different dating stages. Some have only been single for a short time, others have been single for years.

The great thing about our dating events is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet others that have walked in your shoes. It’s nice to have someone relate to you, have someone that understands what you’ve been feeling, what you’ve had to deal with. Some of our singles are divorced without kids, others are divorced with children. So our dating events bring in singles from all walks of life and past dating experiences.

Giving Love A Second Chance

I know it can be difficult to open your heart and let another person get close. I know the pain you felt, the sadness, anger and depression. However, by doing so, you miss out on life and opportunity. You keep yourself shielded from others, walls around your heart. But you deserve to feel happy, you deserve the opportunities to share your life with someone that cares. Don’t ever forget that. Our singles events allow you to get back into dating at your own pace.

If we don’t allow ourselves to be loved, we miss out on what makes love so special, a true gift love is. Just because you attend an event doesn’t mean that you have to make a choice then and there. Scenergy Dating will never pressure you. These are stepping stones for you, so go at your own pace. The important element is the fact that you were willing to attend, this is part of the healing process.

Opportunity To Make New Friends

Of course it’s natural to get caught up in the dating hype at a singles events, but our events also allow you to make new friends and meet new people. How many of you have locked yourself away? How many of you are no longer socially active? This behavior is not healthy and I get it, the pain of losing someone you love can be terrible, Even so, we have to move on from it. We have to get back up on our feet. Time really does heal pain.

Sure, our dating events are meant for you to find someone that you’re attracted to, have chemistry with, but we understand that this doesn’t happen for everyone. Everyone has the right to go at their own pace. Our dating events help break down the walls of your heart.

Matchmaking Is An Option

While many men and women end up in relationships due to our singles events, some have trouble and never find their soul mate through events. Although the percentage is much less, for these singles, we offer matchmaking services.  Our professional certified matchmakers help men and women find singles that they match up with.

Scenergy Dating’s matchmaking service has been very successful over the years. It’s something that we take great pride in. We understand the emotional landscape. I can’t think of another company that is more invested in getting to know you, your wants and needs. We take the time to learn everything we can about you, this will help us find singles that relate to what you want.

Remember, we have 11 different cities we host singles events in. We have dozens of dating groups on Meetup, Facebook, Google+ and other platforms. If you’re serious about finding that special someone  and dating, we want to help, we can help. Below, you’ll see our contact details. Please feel free to contact us or ask questions, we are here to help.