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Scenergy Events Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy:

Attendees must notify Scenergy staff at least 48 hours before an event to qualify for a refund or credit transfer. We will only honor refunds and/or credit transfers less than 48 hours before an event on a rare and very extreme basis. Refunds will not be granted if an attendee arrives extremely late to an event in which an icebreaker must start on time (ex. Mini Dates).


Removal of Member/Attendee:

Scenergy Dating LLC reserves the right to remove subscribed members of and/or members of any associated groups. Grounds for removal include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Disrespectful comments or attitude towards other attendees or staff in person or online.
  2. Leaving a venue without paying their consumption tab.
  3. Dressed in a way that is offensive or disruptive to other attendees.
  4. Consistently cancelling event attendance (more than 3 times a year).


Event Feedback:

Please keep the below in mind when submitting any reviews or feedback on any of our events. An inaccurate or unfair account of an event can affect attendance in the future, ensure you review the intent of your message. Alternatively, we welcome positive feedback which provides a glimpse of what future attendees can look forward to.

What we can control:

  1. Organization, attitude, materials for icebreaker, and hosting abilities of our coordinator
  2. Incentives and door prizes as advertised
  3. An active marketing strategy days before the event to ensure a well-attended and gender balanced event.


What is out of our control:

  1. Weather, accidents, or events that delay or deny entrance to an event.
  2. Venue staff
  3. Attendees that have pre-paid or planning on attending not coming.
  4. The physical appearance or attraction compatibility of attendees.


Event Tips:

  1. Positive Attitude –Keep an open and positive attitude that is inviting and helps encourage a fun social atmosphere.
  2. Return on Social Investment – We have had a rare few that are only concerned on receiving a return on investment. If you are able to concentrate on socializing, networking, and the entertainment provided you are more likely to make a new friend or dating connection.
  3. Review Event Details – Please review the event you plan to attend so you can verify address, attire, and timeline.
  4. Dress Accordingly – Notes on recommended attire are mentioned towards the bottom of event description.
  5. Stay Away From Staring At Your Phone – Unless it’s an emergency or you are trading contact information, refrain from overly staring at your phone. Do not replace your feelings of nervousness by staring at your phone and thus becoming socially uninviting.

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