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Why Are Men And Women So Different?

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard this question, “Why are men and women so different?” Women want to know how men think, men want to know how women think. We’ve all heard about Women being from Venus and Men from Mars. How does that speak to you? The takeaway? Men and women are complete opposites.

When trying to figure out why men and women are different, we have to take an outside approach, meaning looking at the good and bad in both. Myths would be that women are lovers and men are fighters, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, some women are lovers, some men fighters, but everyone is unique. We can’t class majorities.

Think about sex if you will. We’re told as a society that men think with two heads, but rarely used the head between his shoulders. We’re told that men do all the cheating, but studies show that both sexes equally cheat. As a society, we’re taught to believe one way or the other. These big dating myths cloud our decision making. Men and women are different because we were programmed that way from day one. We were also designed to survive, so men were given the art of the pursuit.

At Scenergy Dating, we do provide elite matchmaking services. What do most men and women want? Someone who shares the same likes and dislikes. Someone that shares the same interest, same hobbies, same passions. While men and women are programmed differently, there’s a lot we all have in common. And who doesn’t want to find that special someone that shares your deepest passions in life. It’s not uncommon to want that, so bottom line, men and women do share interest.

The keys to any successful relationship is communication, trust, understanding and patience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, these keys are needed for both sexes. Communication in a relationship is vital, trust between partners is equally important. Understanding and patience play a big role in relationships also. So it’s often these qualities we seek in the opposite sex.

The more we differ, the more we realize that while both sexes are programmed differently, we’re also alike in many ways. Everyone is unique, everyone has something to offer in a relationship. For those of you seeking love, be sure to remain open and don’t judge a book by its cover. Get to know others for what’s inside. Sure, we all need physical attraction, but there’s a truth about that soul that is rewarding and remarkable when you find it in another.


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